Marble slab

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Dealmr

I was in an extremely crowded kitchen showroom to choose a marble countertop for my house. The seller helped me to get the right stone, colour, porosity and texture. I ran my fingers on the slab to feel how cold it was, and I found it surprisingly exciting. The salesman stared at me and saw the pleasure in my eyes. I made eye contact and asked him to feel the stone. We stared at each other, and our hands met whilst our internal desire surpassed the cold feeling. I said I would drop by another day to get the measurements and the stone cut. He told me to meet him at the back store the next time, so we could ensure that it was done properly. Came back after one week and did as he told me to. He was smiling and said, 'Glad you came back. I couldn't take the measurements alone' while he gently approached me. I've sat at the unfinished marble slab (beautiful and untouched) and I've said something like ' I needed to make sure the material is good quality. After all, it will be in my house forever. Maybe you can help with the resistance test I've envisioned. I've let down my hair and laid on the slab like a meal on the table. Waiting to be devoured. He looked at me and softly spoke next to my lips, 'My pleasure,' and then kissed me on the neck and collarbone. I grabbed his neck and pushed him to the top while kissing him hard. Took his top off and he had the most amazing tanned chest that I've licked with pleasure. He started to take my skirt off and holding my thighs hard against him. Right after I've started to rub my clit against his jeans and cock that started to be hard. I've stimulated my clit further while he imposed the rhythm with his hand on my butt. I then asked him to undress me and push me against the slab so I could feel the cold. He fingered me while I had my naked chest on the marble and damn, it felt out of this world! The cold and the heat are such a sensational mix! I was wet and he was hard so I've asked me to fuck me slowly at first while I kept rubbing my clit with my hot hand. After a while I could stop to ask him to fuck me harder . My body was cold and red, my butt marked by his hands and I was horny as fuck. I came with a loud scream that was not heard as them I woke up. It was just a dream and I've woke up at the climax. Went to my kitchen and couldn't resist to sit at the top of my marble countertop to feel that all over again. This time as a solo play.