A Sexual Fantasy

— By Ocean

When things with my husband started to become bad (I found out that he was cheating on me with a co-worker, and our marriage began to fall apart), I've noticed an increasing interest in me from my sister's husband. I knew he was interested in me when we were younger, but then he chose my sister and I think that he and I don't really match. I don't hate him, but I always kept him away from me, joking with him and often arguing with him about everything, but he seems truly, truly into me now, even if he has become so shy that he often can't speak when we are alone. So now, weirdly, I DREAM that one of these days when I find him alone at home, he decides finally to make a move on me, a sexual action during one of our stupid arguments and have sex with me in a very manly and dominating way. He can do that, because I'm pretty small and he's big. I know, it's a mess, and I don't want to cause problems in my sister's marriage, so my only hope is to see this dream come true in one of your videos.