A Sexual Fantasy

— By Bonbons

I work in a secondary school as a teaching assistant, there's one teacher in particular who always catches my attention. When I'm in his class I fantasize about him a lot. I imagine him asking me to stay back after the bell goes to have a chat, the sexual tension between us is electric. He tells me he likes having me as his TA in the classroom, however he'd much prefer to have me assist him the bedroom. I don't hesitate in my response I tell him that could be arranged, suddenly we start kissing passionately. I can feel him getting hard for me, we both have wanted this for so long. He then lifts me up onto his desk his cock is so hard, he pulls up my dress up slips my panties off..he goes down on me eating my wet pussy I'm fit to burst with pleasure...he stops and pulls me into him I can feel his hard cock deep inside me..I let out such a groan it feels so good..I have the most explosive orgasm. Afterwards we get the classroom ready for the next lesson...