Church Love

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Brenda

I’m a devout catholic but I have strayed in my past. When I was 19, my church started a youth group and it was run by a young trainee priest, David. I had an enormous crush on him. I would usually dress conservatively but with him I always made sure to show some cleavage or some leg. After the group sessions would finish, we would spend hours together just talking and laughing - I could tell he liked me back. One time we were alone in church together after a session and I couldn’t take it anymore - I told him how I felt. He was nervous and didn’t say anything. I leaned in, put my hands on his chest and kissed him. He kissed back. I thought to myself I’m either going to marry him or make sure I’m the only girl this future priest will ever fuck. We proceeded to make love in the pews of the church. Deep, passionate, sensual love. I was riding him and kissing him when we heard someone coming. I panicked but David was amazing. He picked me up, my arms around his neck and his big cock still inside me, and we went into the confessional box before anyone saw us. There he finished me off and we both came together. We had an affair for 3 months before he got guilty and told me he had chosen god and requested a move to another church in a another state. Years later I married someone else but we still keep in touch - he always reminds me I was the only girl he ever fucked.