Breaking the Rules with my Fellow RA

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Margaret

I have a huge crush on my fellow RA (resident advisor at our university). He is totally a rule follower and enforcer and, despite being an RA myself, I am a little more loosey goosey. I think we've been flirting with each other this entire fall semester, but I don't think anything will happen because my going into his room would mean breaking COVID rules that our college has set. I fantasize about showing up at his door and telling him how I feel and kissing him right there and then. He'd take me in his arms and pull me into his room, closing the door behind him, pushing me against it. Knowing me I would make some kind of joke about us being no better than the other horny college kids who are spreading COVID, but he would laugh and kiss me anyway. I would tilt my head to allow him to kiss my neck and while he did I would ask if we should move to the bed or... but before I finish he's kissing me again and is pulling me to his bed.