Best friend

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Nerisse

They dated over decade ago and somehow managed to maintain their friendship after the breakup. Whenever they see, the sexual tension is overwhelming. He was the most progressive/sexual person that she had ever been with and all her fantasies features him Because how does she tell the gentle mild-mannered man she married all the dirty thoughts and fantasies she had. Finally, after a particular late-night chat, they bought decided to meet up at a hotel to "catch up". No promises or sexual plans were made, they simply wanted to enjoy each others company as "friends". Having met at the hotel lobby, they both headed to the booked room and the moment the door shut, they both pounced on each other. grabbing, squeezing, kissing, moaning. Alas, without saying a word, they both desired the same thing. PLEASURE! PLEASURE that could only be found with each other. They fucked and fucked and both lost count of how many times they came. All that mattered now was their raw desires, they would deal with their consciences later