A little more than an education

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Tasha

I seduced my professor. We were both married at the time but we had sexual tension from the moment we met. We would lock eyes in class and it felt like everything else faded away. I couldn't stop thinking about him and I would masterbate thinking about him. I knew he was attracted to me too because I would constantly find him checking me out so I decided to have some fun with it and I sat at the front of the class every day. I would wear sexy clothes and distract him. A year after meeting and I was no longer in his class I met him in his office for a reference letter and I made a move. I kissed him and he kind of freaked out. But we had mind blowing sex on his desk and three years later we are engaged. We hid our affair for two years but I have no regrets. And we still have amazing sex.