The Journey Inside

BY ceculi
Confess Your Erotic Fantasy

I am in the entrance, I just arrived. I undress and blindfold myself. All the while he is just standing there, watching me. I am getting cold. He dresses me in something, it feels like some lingerie. Then he takes my hand and leads me behind heavy curtains into a warm room with carpet beneath and a fire cracking. He guides my hand onto another body and lets go. From then on its just her and me. I feel my way around her. Everything is fragile and still and there is tension in the thick air. I touch her whole body, run my fingers through her hair, kiss her breasts and take her in. I have never licked a pussy, but that is how I will do it for the first time, feeling and tasting my way forward. I will have lost my feeling of time and space when he joins in out of nowhere with a first gentle touch...

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  • 123Moondog
    What a sight this must be!
  • LatexLover1953
    Nice story
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My name is Aga Bartosz. I'm 24 years old multidisciplinary designer using various tools to tell stories that people fell in love with.

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