The Ultimate Kink

From the XConfessions series: an adventure with a female couple who have tried it all when it comes to sex - except for a man.



By las.masoch

Director: Erika Lust

Performers: Silvia Rubi, Mickey Mod, Paulita Pappel

Stable FF queer couple looking for a man to commit the ultimate kink. London based. Well educated. Extremely open minded. We lack experience in penises but willing to explore new territories. Required penis size: a bit more than average, but not that much - just in case. Blonde good boys or hyper muscled fitness instructors please DO NOT apply. Would love to know what a man could do with us. Call +44XXXXXXXXX.


Behind the Scenes

Erika's Comment

An adventure! This is what this short really was to me. My team and I were so comfortable being as creative as we could with every single detail: the scenario is just wonderful, the story is total magic and I got to put Mickey Mod, Pau Pappel and Silvia Rubi to perform together - the ultimate kinky adventure, that's exactly what it is!

Your Comments

  • ebis

    use your imagination

  • WeeGodzilla

    easily the most intriguing erotic film i've seen - ever! i love these three as characters and together, the humour of the start sequence and...the guinea pig!

  • katana217

    Smooth, rhythmic and sexy. THIS is what porn should be. Another triumph from the House of Lust.

  • sandrarene

    just perfect..

  • Freya233

    .....whoa o//////O

  • sinkamarc

    Delectably deviant - this is porn: I loved the humour in the beginning. The emotional intelligent context brings the characters to life. Mod, Pappel and Rubi are eclectically electric together.

  • Pav

    Fantastic stuff - sensuous, numerous, flowing, natural, electric! But why did the guy use a condom if the tests were clear?

    • Erika Lust

      It's the performer's choice whether or not to use a condom, or any other kind of contraceptive.

  • libgui88

    very very beautiful vid ! I like !!

  • Kerry C
    Loved Lauren the guinea pig!
  • Diva Sensuelle
    Beautiful setting, loved the weirdness, fluid performances: two thumbs up!