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Anya Olsen is a vibrant and free-spirited adult performer. Originally from the city that never sleeps, this new yorker was born and raised into the hustle and bustle. Her journey into the adult industry began unexpectedly at the age of 20, as she often mentions that "porn found her." Upon trying it, she discovered a new passion that ignited her adventurous spirit, leading her to become an active and well-loved figure in the porn industry.

Anya Olsen’s porn is renowned not just for her hot performances but also for her contagious energy and unique spark that sets her apart. Her infectious smile and natural beauty have become trademarks, captivating audiences, and earning her a devoted fan base.

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Considered an XConfessions classic, The Ski Instructor is a romantic porn movie where our starlet can’t help but to be seduced by the irresistible Tyle Nixon. At the time of the shooting, Anya Olsen and Tyle Nixon were a real couple and the chemistry between these two could be felt from miles away. This is a porn about the joy of sex and the fun of flirtation so no one would be better for the role than this joyfully sexy star.

If food and sex are two of your favorite pleasures in life, watch Horngry and try not to drool. How did a midnight snack at the food truck end up in a hot bisexual foursome? In this Anya Olsen porn, she co-stars once again with Tyle Nixon, alongside Kali Sudhra and Luna Corazón. 

New York, USA
Years Active
Since 2015

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