Why Not Everything?

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Sight.Geist

My confession is that I don't have one confession. I couldn't possibly limit myself to narrowing down all of my desires and kinks to just one or two, even three fantasies. Therefore, I want to see as many of my fantasies wrapped into one as possible. I want my lover and I, engrossed in close dancing, legs and arms entailed with only thin clothing and sweat between us. I was slinky sexy electronic music to be pumped through an amazing sound system providing the pulse to our foreplay. I want there to be a room full of people doing the same thing in their own individual way. I want us both to dance with them too, all of them coming back to stoke our flames hotter and hotter. Then I want the DJ to lull us down into a slow grind, giving us the sonic spaciousness to explore each other's bodies, slowly, deeply and without distraction. Clothes will shed, sweat will bead, lips and finger tips will meet skin of all shades, shapes and places. My lover and I will be completely lost in each other as we begin to tease to a fever pitch and begin our sensual fucking while also being acutely aware each sound and sight shared amongst our fellow dancers, turned lovers. We grind into each other, touch the people in reach as they caress our bodies until we lose track of where these hands, feet, limbs, lips, eyes, and hair came from. There is love and sex and acceptance for sensual expression of all kinds. We're sucking and rubbing and grinding and fucking and pegging and licking and slapping and spanking and tying, and whispering, and moaning and breathing all together with no boundaries. And the best part is that no-one has to leave when it's over because we're already home.