We Don't Need No Humiliation

A Sexual Fantasy

— By strangebirdies

I just love the sight of my girlfriend savouring and taking other big cocks. It isn't taking anything away from me, this is a great synergic boost. We love to share each other, and watch each other. We are both bisexual. We are also into fantasies like creampie eating and cumkisses. We like such porn, but it always kind of throws us off that it is often connected to some degree of humiliation, the genre called 'bi-cukold'. So we would love to see a scene like this, but with no femdom/humiliation at all. Just perverse, vulgar people enjoying their clean shaven bodies, fluids and dirty talk. One of the visions goes like this: This is a foursome of us and 2 other bisexual men. After the initial foreplay, when things start to get really hot, I admire the view of the other guy fucking my girlfriend, meanwhile she encourages me to orally pleasure the other man. She says to suck him well, to make him ready for another round of fucking her. I tell the first man to cum in her, which indeed pulls him over the edge, with a loud moan. Now comes the turn of the second guy.. he enters her pussy filled with cream. I lie with my head on her belly, and between the pushes I take his cock and lick the sperm off it, until it’s clean again. When the second man finally comes inside, she is in a perverse mood to receive oral from me. She sits on my face, and shudders with a great orgasm while being licked clean again. She asks if I enjoy the cum in my mouth, just as much as she enjoys it in her cunt. We kiss passionately when it’s done. Now my turn. I fuck her vigorously, and our faces are grimacing in unearthly pleasure. Finally I cum on her face...The other guys kiss with her licking it all off. We’ve just shared everything, and we lie happily exhausted for another half an hour on the bed talking and laughing about what just happened.