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A Sexual Fantasy

— By Mary

I love my husband. He takes his vows to me very seriously. This is how I know he will never be able to fulfill my fantasy; he came close to it last Thursday. My husband travels with his work. Most weeks he is gone Monday through Friday, but occasionally only Monday through Thursday. He puts his schedule on the fridge with the name and number of his hotel, his airline, and schedule while out of town (dinner with colleagues, unplanned night, etc.). My confession is that I knew he was going to be home Thursday instead of Friday. We read XConfessions together, so I am sure he will see this. Hopefully he will let us play the same way again. The fantasy I want him to fulfill is to be inside me while he has a cock inside him. I rub myself raw at the thought of this often. That is how it started Thursday: he came home while I was watching an MMF threesome video. I had laid out a towel and brought my dildo out. I may have come more than once hoping things would play out just as they did. When his key hit the lock, I had fingers rubbing and my hand controlling the dildo. I played it off as if he caught me while trying to see if he realized what I was watching. As my attention went back to the screen the woman on screen was using her mouth on one of the men. The second man was not yet visible. My husband commented that it looked hot, just as the second guy appeared back on screen. Eventually the on screen action escalated and the first man was filled with a cock while the woman continued to work him with her mouth. I took my opportunity and began to work on my husband with my mouth. As the action on screen grew more frantic, he received first my finger than my dildo. Eventually impaling himself on it and eventually me on him. I was happy to have the towel down, as it may be the hardest either of us have ever climaxed.