A Sexual Fantasy

— By KeepCalmAndStayInside

Two young lovers get separated during the lockdown in two different countries. He lives alone while she lives with a beautiful girl. During the lockdown, they try to maintain a vivid desire with phone sex and video sex. By chance, during one of these sessions, the girl leaves her room door open. While the two are reaching the climax on camera, the guy notices the flatmate spying them and touching herself. Discovering this gives more thrill for the couple that decides to then start leaving the door open. And of course, the next time the flatmate appears behind the door. Sometimes, the girl starts thinking of the flatmate instead of the guy when she is touching herself. Finally, the lockdown finishes and the guy goes to visit his lover. Desire is in each of their eyes as soon as she welcomes him in the house. They get in her room and, as has become habit, they leave the door open. As expected the flatmate appears at the door, but this time the couple invites her to join. The three start to give each other the long desired pleasure that is finally unleashed after lockdown.