The tasteful eight

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Pr1mal

I sat on the back of the usually empty bus after a late shift at work. I put on some music and closed my eyes to rest them a bit. Next thing I know, I wake up worried that I overslept my stop, but before I can really summon that fear, I realize everything's changed. Bus isn't moving, everything is dark outside and the only light is a weak, red glare coming from underneath the seats. As soon as my eyes adjust to the darkness, I realize I'm not alone. Some rows of seats are occupied, while some remain empty. Two women are sitting in each occupied row, one per side, sitting next to the window. The are all looking toward the aisle, staring at each other. As seconds go by and my disbelief turns into curiosity, the lights intensify. I get up and move slowly down the aisle. All the women are dressed in nothing but capes, completely naked underneath. They all are different in some way: hair colour, body type, height....

As soon as I am starting to move past the first row, the girl on the right launches towards me and pulls me towards her. She's incredibly strong, much more than what would be normal. She makes me kneel down, opens her legs and pushes my mouth on her pussy grabbing my hair. She pushes all my face in it and then she moves up and down riding her clit on my mouth. After a while, when she's satisfied with my services, she passed me over to the other girl of the row. Their strengths again incredibly bigger than mine, even tho I'm not opposing any resistance. When also the secondo girl is done with me she lets me go. I gasp for hair, face covered in their juices, as I take a look down the bus. The exit is on the front, next to the driver's seat, and I can now see three more rows of women ahead.

I move on wondering if that's what would happen when I cross the next row of women, but this time, as soon as my body is within reach, the woman from the left side grabs me in the middle of the aisle and takes off my pants and underwear. I can't resist her, neither I want to. She starts to lick me all over and then to work her tongue on my asshole, spreading my cheeks with her mouth. The intense pleasure I feel matches perfectly to the view of the other girl of the row moving towards me and starting to go down on me. One sucks my dick, the other licks and fingers my asshole. I'm in their hands, incapable of doing anything.

I unload my semen in the mouth of the girl sucking my dick and they go back to their seats. I'm there, gasping like an idiot while standing in the middle of the bus with a stupid look on my face.

A few steps and the girls of the next row have me laying down on the ground, one riding my dick, the other riding my face. They are using me for their own pleasure, I'm their toy. After a while, they both cum together.

The last two women wanted to have me fuck them doggystyle, one in the pussy while the other wanted her ass taken. After some minutes, all the other women come closer to join in. They lead the orgy, and I'm their toy.