The Sexy Roommate

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Arxxx

I was 21 when I met her, she was 25. We moved in together and I didn’t know I was bisexual. I loved to look at her with her turtleneck wearing nothing underneath, I could see all the shape of her upper body, her beautiful breasts and nipples. I never told her about my fantasies because I was shy and had no experience touching myself, but I knew she did. Sometimes I could hear her in the morning. I woke up to her noises on the other side of the wall and I would get so wet. I would imagine her lying naked on her back touching herself, her pink pussy, and how she got the bed all wet, her cum all over the sheets. I would imagine her naked in my room touching my pussy, licking my lips and showing me how it’s done and then us touching each other until we cum. Sometimes I would forget but we shared a bathroom with two showers and we would see each other naked almost every morning. Sometimes she had messy hair and was looking sexy and I knew she had just cum in her bed because she was cleaning her sheets in a bucket. I never told her, but god I desired her