The Older Woman

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Bi_boyy

Back when I was a single college student, I was in an open relationship with a beautiful free spirited older Latina woman. She was my neighbor so we use to hangout pretty often. In the beginning, we’d just kind of of hook up after working out together (her garage was basically a gym lol). Which was really hot, but our relationship really got intimate when I stayed over one night. I learned so much about her that night, like that she was a bi nudist who loved gardening and old movies. I came out to her as bi that night, which I had never done before. We truly connected emotionally that night and it elevated our relationship to a whole new level. She was the first to ever celebrate queerness with me, the first to ever penetrate me. We went to pride and had crazy group sex together. We’d part mutually after about a year, we just realized we’d be better off as friends. We still keep in touch though and I’m forever grateful for her companionship as she was the first to show me it was ok to be myself and try new things.