The Lady on a Vespa Encounter

A Sexual Fantasy

— By BlueBalls

Every Sunday she used to go out with her Vespa around the town without any destination but to feel a tangible essence of freedom and to release her stress accumulated during the week and relax, with the wind caressing her body while driving. One Sunday she went out as usual riding her Vespa. She was wearing black leather trousers skin-tight showing up all her beautiful curves, and a matching black leather jacket (rock style) with its zip undone just enough to show off her beautiful cleavage from her red push up bra. She showed that sense of toughness but at the same time sexy. Suddenly, she noticed the police emergency lights and pulled her Vespa over and the police demanded her to stop immediately. Two officers came out from the car. A handsome man and a very sexy women, whom they were very sensual and sexy in their police uniforms. The officer (male) asked her to give him her license and vehicle registration and asked her to step out from the motorbike to do a general inspection. Then he directed her to the police car, told her to put her hands on the dashboard, and started an intimate search touching her whole body. At first, she was confused but the more he touched her the more she was feeling aroused and horny. She was getting really wet when suddenly, the other officer (woman) started kissing her and caressing her breast. Finally, she surrendered and the three performed passionate sex on the police car giving her an explosive orgasm. It is very arousing combining a sexy tough biker and police officers in a threesome also showing their fragility.