The Gift

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Miconfesion

My wife and I have been a couple since for 16 years now, since we were 17 years old. Five years ago we got married. 8 years ago I told her I was bisexual. I wanted her to know my sacrifice. I always was loyal to her and although I had opportunities, I never cheated her - which means that my bisexuality only exists in my head. I fantasize that my wife some day makes me a special birthday gift. A man. For one night, to allow me to outlive all that I have fantasized about, jerked off to and explored in gay porn for years. A genuine gift, with no regrets. And in this very special night for me and my man-gift, she would join us. Bringing together the two things I never thought could coexist in the same moment: my deep love for her and my sexual craving for men...