The Couple Next Door

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Fantasist

I have a fantasy where my attractive next door neighbour is sunbathing in her garden in a bikini. She sees that I'm tidying up next door and calls me to come over to the fence. She invites me over for a drink seeing as it's so hot and I can see that her nipples are erect through her bikini top.

I accept her invitation and let myself in through her gate. She invites me into the kitchen where she offers me a beer and we make small talk about the weather, flirting ever so slightly.

She then invites me upstairs to see the rest of the house and we enter her bedroom. She closes the door behind us and demands that I take my clothes off in front her. Reluctantly, I undress to my underwear and she smiles when she sees the outline of my semi-erect penis. She tells me to remove my underwear and I oblige, exposing my hardening cock to the cool bedroom air. She removes her top and her underwear and gazes at my erection in silence for a few seconds. She then calls for her husband to enter the room.

Taken aback, I reach for my clothes but she tells me to stay where I am. Her husband enters the room naked, with a very large erection and she tells him to stand next to me. She instructs us to place our hands behind our backs. She gazes at both our cocks, noting the size difference and then asks me to get on my hands and knees on the bed.

I follow her instructions and take up my position. Standing next to her husband, she spits in her hand and rubs her saliva slowly over his thick cock. She looks him in the eye and gives him a nod. As he approaches the bed, she stands at the edge and starts rubbing herself gently, distracting me.

Before I know it, her husband is behind me, preparing to push himself inside me.