The allure of the flesh

A Sexual Fantasy

— By fabone

We meet in public. You wear a dress or a skirt. So does my girlfriend, and I wear a suit. We talk. We know what is going to happen and it turns us on immediately. We wait until we feel electricity in the air. We decide to get a room where we start touching and kissing each other. I reach down to lift up your skirt, my hands are feeling your legs all the way up to your ass, your belly until I feel between you legs to see wether you are wet already. You do the same to my girlfriend. I take off your clothes until you wear nothing but your underwear while you undress and kiss my girlfriend. You both wear nice and sexy underwear with suspenders. Meanwhile you have also taken off my clothes. I sit down to watch the two of you. The two of you discover each others bodies carefully. The bellies, the breasts, you feel her ass, then slowly slide your hand into her panties. I touch myself while watching. After some time I join the two of you so we all can caress each other. My hands glide into your panties, one in the front, one in the back. I feel your nice ass and also your wet pussy. My girlfriend throws you onto the bed, takes off your panties and starts to lick you. I let you lick my dick at the same time. My girlfriend stops she is now watching us and masturbating. She uses a dildo. She caresses her breasts. I go down on you and lick you. One hand is caressing your breasts, the other your ass. My tongue circles your clit, you like it. And you like being fingered. I turn you onto your belly and keep licking you. I take a princess plug and slowly put it in your ass, my mouth still on your clit. It looks nice and you want to see it. I show you in the mirror. My girlfriend joins in, she lets you lick her yummy pussy. I almost make you come but stop and push my dick into your wet vagina. I take you from behind holding your asscheeks, you tell me to go faster and harder until you come. I pull out the plug, you body moves hard. My girlfriend comes too. You want more, she wants more. Me too. We go on. Do you want to try a double dildo with my girlfriend?