Taking off the Blindfold

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Leopard

A fantasy

My wife and I are in our early fifties. We are often told we are attractive, both as a couple and as individuals. My wife has gorgeous blond hair, long and curly. We take care of our bodies; yet, neither is what you’d call “athletic” or “slim”. In other words: we both have curves.

My wife is very sensual: she loves to be touched, caressed, kissed, fondled, stroked ever so gently. When love making occurs like that, she is very responsive. She loves to be eaten out, and she tastes like cinnamon. She loves to be whispered to while making love. Her eroticism thrives on kindness and gentleness, while slowly descending into eroticism and a wide array of sexual acts and positions.

In my fantasy, we have finally decided to make one steamy topic of whispered conversation a reality. I’ve booked a room in a hotel in the nearest city. We’ve gone out for dinner. I’m dressed in my most handsome suit, she’s dressed in a stylish but sexy outfit, with gorgeous lingerie underneath. As we enjoy our dinner, I tell her what lies ahead for us tonight. Our first evening of sharing her with another man – this time for real. I caress her thighs and her hips while seated at the restaurant, she blushes and gets nervous. Her eyes tell of the conflict she feels between the arousal that’s setting in, and the feelings of apprehension and a hint of shame. I whisper in her ear fragments of the arousing fantasies we shared during love making. And I feel her body respond with anticipation and excitement.

Before I ask for the bill, I ask if she feels ready. “I’m bloody horny, yes. But also feel shy and slightly afraid… Stay with me at all times, hold me, talk to me, tell me what you see, and join in when I invite you to join in… One thing, though: I want to wear a blindfold… I want to feel, smell, taste – for now, I don’t want to see who the other man is. I want to follow my body, and how it responds to his touch, your touch, his tongue, your tongue, his penis, your penis… Is that okay?” I tell her that she sets the rules, the boundaries, and if she wants to stop at any time, she just needs to say it.

We head back to our hotel room where we both freshen up, before our guest knocks on the door. I ask my wife: “Are you ready, my love…?” She responds softly, with an excited look in her eyes. “Blindfold me now, and invite our guest in. I’m wet, I’m excited, I’m horribly self-aware, I’m a bit afraid – but I so deeply desire this to happen…”

As she is seated on the edge of the bed, facing the door, I put the blindfold on her. I stroke her thighs, ever so slightly raise her skirt and open her legs just a bit so our guest can see her panties upon entering the room.

What follows in the next two hours is gentle eroticism opening a way to intense sexuality. The anxiety, fear and self-awareness slowly in both of us make way for high and long peaks of arousal. Our guest’s ability to explore my wife’s sensuality and sexuality, while I watch from a chair, is filled with a kind firmness. He senses the pace he needs to go with my wife to slowly melt away all hesitations. He caresses and kisses, strokes and teases.

Eventually my wife tells me everything she’s feeling, she tells me where his hands are, and what they are doing to her. She whimpers as he enters her for the first time, and fills her up.

At my wife’s invitation I join in. But before I do, she asks me to take off her blindfold. “From now, I want to be completely present with everything you guys are doing to me…”