Sweet fruits

A Sexual Fantasy

— By bee

I would lay in a small open field with spring flowers, looking at the clouds float by, and close my eyes and daydream. I would be cenote, swimming naked and all of the sudden there would be 2 men and 2 women calling me, come join us! They would be in some sort of jungle like environment, with candles and pillows and lots of fruits everywhere. They would invite me to come sit with them, and they would observe and smile at me. Then invite me to lay down on my belly and give me an eight hand massage on my back. Then the hands would dissapear and I would turn around and then would gather fruits and lay them on my body. Mango juice, pineapple, berries, covered in sweet juice and fruits. Then they would eat and lick it off my body, kiss my lips, my breasts and my pussy lips. When I would come that's when I wake up and find myself in that meadow again.