She's With The Band

A Sexual Fantasy

— By luxe

I am a singer/songwriter, and I am meeting with a potential new band at their studio. I pull in my vintage 1965 Aston Marten up to the address, which is gated. The voice at the gate tells me to go past the house to the studio and go inside. I drive past the house on a simple but beautiful Mediterranean-style property, and park at the studio.

There is no one there to greet me, so I go inside. It's dark and takes my eyes a minute to adjust. A woman comes out of the dim light. She's stunning, with long red hair and fair skin, around 10 years older than me. I'm 35. She reaches out and takes my hand and introduces herself. Her hand is warm and I feel both welcomed and intimidated.

She offers me a drink and we go inside another room, which is filled with music and sound equipment. She introduces me to a man, her music partner and, I find out, her husband. He's tall and handsome, kind of gravelly and rugged, and a few years older than her. I'm still new to playing with other professional musicians, and I'm excited and nervous about singing with these people, who clearly know what they're doing.

We start playing and I'm having fun but I'm still nervous. The man is sitting on a stool a couple feet away from me playing the guitar, and he comes over and adjusts my mic, and rests his hand on my lower back. "How's that?" he says, and I get the feeling he's not only talking about the mic. The woman is watching us, and I start to feel really turned on. I lean back into his hand, which is still on my back, and he slides his hand down to cup my ass. "That's better," I say, turning to face him. He leans down to kiss me. "Your voice is beautiful," he says. "Just what we're looking for." We lean into each other and start to kiss in earnest.

The woman watches for a while and then comes over and starts to make out with us. Things get hot pretty quick, and we move to the floor, which is covered with intricate turkish rugs and sheepskins. Our explorations take us all over the studio - draped over the piano; bent over the vocal stools; pushed against the sound board. I'm exploring myself sexually and musically in ways I never have before.

When we all come and finish, he picks up the guitar and starts to play. The woman and I harmonize perfectly. The music is coming naturally now, and the vibe between us is pure creative energy. I've found my band.