Sex Club Guest

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Diane

I have many fantasies about putting myself on display, but mainly I fantasize about being a couple's guest at a sex club. It would be my first time so I wouldn't know anybody there, and I'd arrive wearing a lacy robe--sexy but tantalizing, as you'd want to see more. At first the three of us would chat a bit, and have a drink or two, but as the night went on we'd roam around the club and see what everyone else was getting up to. Once we were all too turned on to wait any longer, my couple would sit me down in a public area and they would start to touch me and play with me. They'd start out kissing me and running their hands over my body, and then would open up my robe so that my body was visible to everyone. And they would keep on going, sucking my nipples and spreading my legs so that everyone could see them play with my pussy which would be deliciously wet. Because there would be a crowd growing to watch us, and people would start getting turned on and touching themselves as they watched. Maybe my couple would tie my hands behind my back, maybe not. The man would put his hard cock inside my mouth and have me suck it while the woman continued to suck and lick and tease my clit, and then they would fuck me, with a nice crowd watching, until I came. And the whole thing would be so arousing to me, feeling two people play with my body however they pleased and knowing that people were watching and getting off on it.