Read My Cards

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Naughty Rainbow Wolf

A woman who is sex starved invites a fortune teller to her house to do a tarot card reading. Her husband leaves the house and it's obvious that there is tension. They have lost their passion for each other. The fortune teller comes to the door and is beautiful in full fortune teller clothing. The woman asks her to tell her what her future is with her husband and the fortune teller puts out the cards and says that she is feeling very neglected by her husband and needs someone to give her oral sex. All of a sudden the fortune teller starts to kiss and fondle the woman until she is eating her out and the woman is ecstatic. Suddenly, her husband comes home unexpectedly and finds the two women together. He starts to get angry and then his wife starts to give him a blow job as the fortune teller is still pleasuring her. He instantly gets hard and as his wife bends over to eat the fortune teller out, her husband enters her from behind and they all have amazing orgasms.