Pregnancy pampering at the spa

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Thalassa

I was pregnant. I had been feeling awful the first trimester so I booked a proper pampering at an upscale spa that I hadn’t been to before. I was told to undress and get into the softest robe imaginable. Then I was escorted to a spacious and candlelit room that appeared to only have one comfy declining chair so I made myself comfortable.

The woman who entered the room had the air of someone mature and I instantly felt attracted to her. She had a beautiful deep voice as she introduced herself as Diana. She suggested that she would first take care of my feet and as she sat facing me for the half hour treatment we got to know each other and as there was such sense of connection I couldn’t help but flirt with her.

Next off there was a facial treatment by the apprentice of the spa. Her name was Iris and she had the most beautiful lips I had ever seen and the same generosity was apparent in her breasts and hips. For an apprentice her hold was very certain and she carried herself with such grace and self-certainty that I was absolutely carried away in her hands.

After the most relaxing facial it was time for Diana to wash my hair. I have always loved it; especially the scalp massage. So for the first time ever I let out a moan of pleasure and felt so very ashamed. But Diana didn’t seem to mind at all. Instead she took it as an invitation to discuss about sexuality during pregnancy. We both agreed there should be more opportunities to have sex while pregnant when the genitals and breasts feel swollen all the time. I could feel myself get wet between my legs and Diana caught me subconsciously licking my lips. I blushed to which she reacted by warming my with both of her powerful hands to finish off at the hair washing sink.

She then had me turn around on the chair to face my back for a lower back massage. I got a little bit worried as I was feeling more and more aroused. You see one of the most sexually sensitive parts of my body are my flanks. The thought of having someone like goddess Diana rub me there at the state I was in had my head spinning with indecent thoughts, but I dared to dream that she might not mind being in my wet dreams. So as she massaged my back I let out another pleasurable moan. I apologized for it, but again she didn’t mind, quite the opposite. She now asked whether we have more alike sexually; are we both loud. I felt so releaved, but at the same time so aroused it couldn’t be hidden anymore. So she asked for permission to kiss me.

It was my first ever proper kiss with a woman. I had always dreamed of it, but there had never been a chance before. Her lips really were so very soft! We took a while to enjoy the moist mouths that we both had with some shy tasting of each others tongues. She then smiled and said there is no hurry, but she would like to finish one more beauty treatment that a pregnant woman cannot do herself: my pubes. My reaction was a nervous giggle as I had to admit she was about to witness how moist I was.

She asked me if I could stay once the beauty treatments were ready as she was feeling aroused too. I couldn’t believe my luck! But wanted to make sure it would be ok at the premises and with the apprentice the next room. To my concern Diana answered saying she owned the place and that if I didn’t mind Iris was bicurious too. At this point I was sure this was a dream, but I certainly didn’t want to wake up.

Now the challenge was to keep still while Diana shortened my pubes with scissors. We both agreed best laugh to let out a little of the tension I had felt for such a long time already. I wanted to confess that I was not experienced in sex with women to which she answered by telling me how attracted she thought I was and that it’s a safe place to experiment. This made me relax and once Diana was ready with my pubes she asked me to have a quick shower to rinse any loose hairs while she updates with Iris to feel free to join us if she feels like it. I was pleased to rinse off some of the liquids I’d already spilled down my thigs.

Diana came back into the room soon wearing a similar robe as I had on. She brought some fresh berries and fruit and asked if I would like her to feed me some. Again i was at awe as it’s precisely what I crave for during pregnancy. She then fed me with her lips and asked permission to finally touch my vulva. Apparently she had wanted to do so for some time already as she thought it was beautiful. I gave her my permission, but warned her that I was likely to come asap after such direct touch. She thought that was a great idea because she had planned more than one orgasm for me. With this piece of information I came as soon as this goddess touched my vulva; you see she chose to touch me with her lips gently sucking my juices. Trust me, I moaned hard.

At this point I realized Iris had seen me come and felt ashamed for a short moment until I realized that she was very intrigued. They gave me a moment to catch my breath and then we all laughed. Now Iris asked if she could kiss me to which my answer was an eager yes as her lips were the poutest ever. While we kissed Diana licked and kissed my nipples. Finally I felt courageous enough to let my hands wonder after we had an agreeing look into each others eyes.

Her skin felt soft and warm. After finding her hard nipples I felt like I wanted to taste them, so Iris asked for my permission to taste my vulva to which I suggested to go easy down there, but go ahead. I was so fascinated by Dianas perky boobs that it didn’t matter how inexperienced Iris was. I was gaining more and more confidence and asked if Diana would take the chair and let me between her legs. Iris asked to watch us so Diana opened her legs. I had always loved it when men had gone down on me and turns out I had learned well from them. It turned me on so much to taste Diana's juice and to feel her lust. I was suprised to feel her come and this had Iris ask if I would taste her too. First we kissed with Diana who was panting and blushed. Such beauty.

Iris had a totally different labia and as she sat on the chair with her lushious breasts I asked to pet her first a little with my fingers while kissing her irressistible boobs. She agreed to this and I loved to lick her breasts that she eagerly fed to me. I was feeling very wet so that I had to ask Diana to stop as she wanted to finger me from behind while I went down on Iris. I decided to try both tongue and fingers on Iris, but that had her come instantly.

Now it was my turn to sit in the chair. Diana took a long look right into my eyes and once Iris was ready Diana instructed her to stand behind the chair and gently hold me and watch. Then Diana proceeded to kiss me everywhere. She begun with my neck and ears, then mouth, but only briefly, then my swollen breasts. I was begging her to touch me between my legs while she kissed my breasts, but she smirked and continued her thing. She licked my flanks and they exchanged looks of impression at my pleasure with Iris. Then finally she went down on me. First quick licks with the tip of her tongue, then a bit of round moves with her finger, then long wet licks and then finally intense licking with fingers inside me. As this was my first time with women I couldn’t hold my orgasm in anymore and came rocking as Diana wouldn’t lose her grip of me.

We then kissed with both Diana and Iris and shared some fruit and admiration to each other. We agreed to keep this secret between the three of us and never saw each other again.