Our Imaginary Friend

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Reventlov

Thank you for shaping these fantasies which sometimes come to spice up our physical moments. My wife is bisexual and she was for a while with a woman before we met. We have already talked about a threesome affair with another woman, but with the busyness of life we have never been able to take action, for lack of time to find the right person, the right place, the time etc. but we both think about it and we have found a game at home to live out our fantasy. I don't know how this game came about but it just became a habit, and for some time now we have had an "imaginary friend" who joins us when we make love. I talk to my woman and I script an adventure. I tell her what our imaginary friend is doing to her at the same time as me. In our stories, I never touch this imaginary friend. She and I take care of giving pleasure to my wife. Each one taking care of a part of her body. I describe the scene and the story in detail while I give her cunnilingus, while penetrating her. This word-shaped fantasy while we have sex drives her completely crazy and gives her an orgasm every time. And me, it drives me crazy to see her take so much pleasure, it stirs my arousal. Over time, little by little, this imaginary sex friend takes shape in our minds. Her character is becoming clearer, her physique too, and her sexual tastes. We have, my partner and I, already had a lot of adventure with this play friend. She is probably a mix of our real friends. We dream both that one day it will become real and precisely as we imagined. Has this imaginary girlfriend already become real?.