Open Marriage

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Sarajane

As an openminded and sensual couple we discovered early in our marriage our need for excitement and we looked to explore our deepest secret fantasies. The joy we feel when they match has made our sex so much more exciting. After sharing my wife with multiple men in different settings our best experiences have been when she is enjoying me and our 2 new friends, it creates an arousal so intense, it is physically impossible to reach just the two of us. For work we are often separated in different countries, sometimes on different ends of the world. My fantasy is to be far away and to ask the 2 new friends we have been seeing to visit my wife at our home. I want them to satisfy her exactly how she likes it, on one condition, they make sure there is a live online visual connection when they are fucking her, so I can see everything and masturbate while she receives orgasm after orgasm. After they leave, she is totally satisfied in our bed and she kisses me goodnight as I dream of my return home.