Letting go in the massage bed

A Sexual Fantasy

— By sfcouple

Oh my word.

I just had the most intense sexual experience of my life. My wife was out of town for the weekend, at a work off-site. So, on the first night she was away, I figured I’d get a massage. It’s not something I want to do often when she’s around (that’s our time to spend together), but if one of us isn’t home, massages are great.

- his hands would drift down just enough, and slide down the crack just enough to make you think something was going to happen. eventually, I’d slowly arch my ass up, inviting him.
- He had my hands pressed up against his leg… it took a while to work up the courage, but eventually I brushed my hand up and down, squeezing his muscles tightly… brushing upwards in search of a cock
- every part of the massage was like an orchestra of pleasure… each peak would rise, higher than you expected, and higher than I thought I could take… then a moment of fear, fleeting, replaced by wanton acceptance.
- eyes rolling back into my head.
- on my back, choked, being fucked mercilessly with a plug… entering subspace. I’m here, and I can feel what’s happening, but the feeling is muted, and the sound… the sound is crystal clear. I’m here, but I’m not entirely here. Where am I? Wherever it is, it’s immeasurably pleasurable.
- on my back, arching further and further upwards until I’m basically doing a handstand, to give him a better angle to get deeper.
- the big toy … didn’t quite make it fit, but the orgasms that came from it made me literally leap forward.
- flipped over, ass waiting… anticipation. will it be soft? No, it will be sudden and intense. Don’t hold on, just let go.
- sink deeper into the bed, one hand rubbing my head and neck like the most passionate, intense massage, the other ramming something, anything, deeper and harder into me… I’m expanding.
- flashing, the whole room just flashed. my senses are overwhelmed. there’s been nothing like this before. no idea this was possible.
- could I do the kinky style sub role? Fuck yeah, I basically just did it for the better part of an hour.