I discover that I want to share my wife

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Srmor

Recently, my wife confessed to me that she had an affair with a colleague. However, far from feeling mad and upset about it, I shared that I wanted her to continue doing it. Indeed, I was super excited for it to be the three of us on a hot and delicious adventure. In the beginning, she was reluctant but slowly we agreed, and I started helping with her hot photos for sexting, then I bought her intimate clothes for her to wear with him and after 3 months of doing this, finally I was invited. To my surprise it was the most amazing sex night that I would imagine, starting soft but then going into BDSM where her colleague and myself created a wonderful atmosphere for a great non-penetrative orgasm. We finished the night kissing all of us at the same time and touching ourselves before falling sleep really satisfied.