Glasses, Windows, Voyeurism

A Sexual Fantasy

— By campuskid94

This is something I really enjoyed in porn, but could see only in a few of them... so I've created my fantasy in my mind.

Imagine a building. It can be a higher office building, a condominium, a terraced house or any type of apartments. In my fantasy all characters are bisexual and there's this young, innocent window cleaner guy, trying to earn a little money by making the windows of a building sparkling. As he is doing his job, he stumbles upon a couple fooling around and/or an employee and his/her supervisor as they are secretly having some fun together.

In my idea the couple would notice as this young guy staring inside and literally spying on them having sex... and their eyes would meet, the whole scene would be about him just masturbating in front of the window, watching them... Slowly the couple would get closer to him, tease him... but the window would stay closed...

The whole point is to include this manmade glass barrier in the scene in a creative way... Pressing body parts against the window, breathing against it, the people in the scene would suggestively make out with the young glass cleaner with the window in between... or even cumming on it's surface. He could even use the soaped up water for some nice visuals.

A long, voyeuristic experience... The couple could maybe also know this young window cleaner, for storytelling purposes, but I leave it on people.