Game of Unknowns

A Sexual Fantasy

— By AryaStark

I enjoy fantasy stories like Game of Thrones or the video game Skyrim, and how they have captured my sexual imagination. Not so much because of the magical elements, but because of the fantastical, medieval-type world. I enjoy that in these stories women often take traditionally masculine roles, becoming fierce knights and powerful leaders, alongside their male counterparts. I am a cis, bisexual woman, and don't often deviate from the feminine role, so I love thinking about myself in a stronger, more powerful role, like that of a knight. My leather armor reveals only a hint of my curves, but when my clothes come off and my long hair comes down, I don't shy away from my femininity. In this fantasy, I arrive in a new town and walk into an inn. Taking off my helmet and revealing my long hair, I share a look with the bartender, a woman in a traditional, slightly revealing, medieval dress... I have a beer and rent a room, and that night we end up together. We share passionate, yet gentle and quiet (careful not to wake the other guests) intimacy. She runs her fingers through my hair and we wrap our limbs around each other. The next day, we switch roles. I put on her dress and she puts on my knight's attire and we go to the market together.