Food Fight

A Sexual Fantasy

— By rollerchick27

I love to cook and I have always had a fantasy about a wild sexy threesome food fight in my kitchen.

In my fantasy, I am wearing nothing underneath my apron. My husband, John, comes home from work and sees me making dinner. He grabs my boobs from behind and I immediately get turned on.

I tease him for a few minutes, and then ask him to call his office assistant, Kelli, to come over for dinner. She arrives 20 minutes later wearing a gorgeous dress and 5 inch heels. She is shocked that I'm naked under my apron.

I finish dinner and we sit at the table. About halfway through the meal, my husband says something crude and I throw some salad at him. He tosses mashed potatoes at me and the fight is on!

I quickly take my apron off, and Kelli jumps from the table, peeling her dress off. She certainly isn't shy! More food ends up on the floor, and I throw some Cool Whip on the tile to make the floor super slippery.

As John sheds his clothes, Kelli and I begin to make out while sliding around. We agree that we should tag team John. He is rock hard, so I sit on his penis while Kelli rubs her thick natural boobs in his face. I ride him for a bit and then Kelli and I trade places.

The floor being slippery makes things tricky but a lot more fun and sexy. We finish John, then Kelli and I make out again while John gets us both to orgasm.

The cleanup that night was well worth it!