Dirty dancing

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Anonymous

First of all I want to admit that I have never been in a relationship. I have on the other hand had a series of one-nightstands that have ranged from awful to very satisfying. For me sex is just chemestry, either you have it or you don't. It's like dancing, you move, he/she moves and it is this electricity that follows that you both want to keep up with/get into. I want to be possessed by the motion and feeling, give in to my animalistic tendencies and just ravage in what the body has to offer of pleasure.
The fantasy that I must often think of is an encounter with a complete stranger. I walk into a shop and see someone, maybe I've seen him/her before, and there is this instant connection. We smile at each other, maybe show what we are buying and go our separate ways. Then we meet again, both realizing this is weird, the other person decides to introduce him/herself. Shy as I am, I don't engage to much, but I'm intrigued, so we exchange phone numbers. A few days later he/she texts if I want to meet up, and go dancing at club. I feel unsure, but decide to go, because I felt a connection and I do love to dance. 
At the club we are dancing, drinking and having an amazing time. The music is a mixture if old-school hiphop and salty RnB, we dance only with each other. Dirty dancing when suited and fun crazyness otherwise. He/she invites me to their place and I say yes, I do not want this night to end. It is rare to meet someone who can be sexy and make a fool of oneself at the right time, and I love that!
At the apartment things quickly become heated, starting on the couch with a beer each that ends up in a full on make-out session. Clothes flying as we walk/tumble to the bedroom.He/She goes to town on me, and I on him/her. We fuck till the sun is high and our limbs can't take no more. A night of passion, fun and endless pleasure. Ending with a good vegan omelet in bed.