A Sexual Fantasy

— By Niko

I'm lying on the floor with my two best friends, Jodie and Kate. The three of us doing nothing, together, and bored out of our minds. We decide to get high and popped some pills we had and mixed them with booze.

We start talking and before we knew it we were all high as a kite, laughing and couldn't remember what we were talking about before, much less why were laughing; which made us laugh even more. Mixing those pills with alcohol was a bad idea. Maybe.

Everything was really colorful and warm and blurry. We were talking about that, we all felt the same. We all headed to Jodie's room and sat down on her bed, still laughing. Kate sits next to me and we all go quiet. Kate asks me if she remembers that night we kissed at a party, and says we should do that again. I lean in and kiss her, with my lips slightly parted. She tastes like the cherries we were eating earlier. I slide my tongue in her mouth and she responds, after a few seconds she pulls away and kisses Jodie, then they stop kissing and Jodie says laughing "What are we doing?" I put my hand on Jodie's thigh and say "I don't know, but it feels great" and I kiss her, deeply and slowly; and we all become aware of this extremely powerful sexual energy between the three of us, while I'm kissing Jodie, Kate who's sitting right there between us, starts kissing my neck and I start caressing her inner thigh. I pull away from Jodie and kiss Kate, then I kiss her neck. Jodie grabs my hand and makes me stand up. She says she wants to see my breasts and I start unbuttoning my shirt, I'm not wearing a bra. She grabs me by the waist and pulls me close, while she starts kissing my breasts, then she starts slowly sucking my nipples. Kate starts gently caressing my ass, then my inner thigh, and eventually she reaches up my skirt and starts touching my pussy over my panties, I'm soaking wet, Jodie stops sucking on my nipples, then says "I love your tits". I kiss her again, and then I kiss Kate. I sit on Jodie's lap and we start making out while she plays with my tits. Kate says she has an idea and asks to film us, we agree and she starts filming us making out, me taking off her shirt, her sucking my tits again, then touching my pussy making me moan softly, she starts moving her fingers over my clit, the movements quickly getting more rapid, making my moaning louder and louder, Jodie stops and tells Kate she wants to keep filming, Kate comes over to me and I take her shirt off and start playing with her tits, she makes me lay down, starts kissing my neck, then my tits, my stomach, and then slowly takes my panties off, and brings her mouth to my pussy, starts eating me out at first gently, then very intensely, and mid moan I ask Jodie to stop filming and come sit on my face. She starts taking her clothes off while I watch her and continue moaning. She takes her blue panties off and comes closer, then puts one knee on each side of my head, lowering her pussy down to my mouth, I start eating her pussy and stop a few minutes later when Kate makes me cum. Before I continue Kate asks if she can rub her pussy on mine, I tell her I want her on me and after a moment continue eating Jodie's sweet pussy, which gets really hard after about 15 minutes because Kate is making me close to cumming again, but this time she is nearly cumming with me, now Jodie starts screaming my name as we all climax and the three of us cum just moments apart. We keep kissing each other for a while, then we lie on the floor again, we're starting to sober up.