Cum to the Country

A Sexual Fantasy

— By jnw0011

This is my darkest fantasy, one I fear sharing, but must get out into the open. I am deeply curious to be with another man and also desire to see my wife take on multiple lovers while I watch. After returning home while travelling for work, I find a note in the mailbox to go to an address in the country, to a lodge on a bank overlooking a local river. When I arrive, my wife opens the door in nothing but a thin black robe, with the belt unsecured. ¡She leads me to the large living room and orders me to undress and sit down in a chair next to a large sofa that commands the center of the room. I do as ordered, and she ties my hands to the arms of the chair tightly. She informs me that she knows what I dream about in my fantasies as two men enter the room. I know them both, as they are old friends from her college days. They are both completely nude and seem completely comfortable as they stand on either side of my wife. He proceeds to suck them and then begins fucking one of them. He pounds her hard and fast, then proceeds to deposit his cum all over her tits. My wife then presents her painted breasts to me, pressing them into my face, forcing me to clean her. I hungrily lick the salty, sticky juice from as she pants with excitement. The second lover now unties me and leads me to the bed. Laying me down and then position me and my wife in a 69 with her on top. He then mounts her while my wife slowly sucks me. I am going crazy watching the cock slide in and out of my wife as I lick her clit and his balls. He continues to fuck her and releases himself into her wet cunt. When he pulls out, I open my mouth and receive the hot glob of cum that falls out of her, swallowing it all in one gulp...