Burlesque Passion

A Sexual Fantasy

— By munchkinlove37

My wife and I are fairly sexually adventurous. I've always wanted to have an intimate encounter with my wife and another woman, but she's been reluctant. She claims not to be interested in women but I've caught her masturbating to lesbian porn a few times.

The other night I took my wife to a burlesque show that turned into a wild night for the both of us. We were enjoying the show, but one dancer was beyond sexy. A naturally curvy redhead with great breasts and a firm plump ass. She was dressed as a mistress of the dark in a beautifully intricate black costume while a haunting melody played that seemed to fascinate us. Her eyes were beautiful and mischievous and she danced so sensually.

During her dance I noticed my wife's hands move down to her crotch and she began to play with herself a bit when she thought that no one else was looking. The theater was dark so I slid a hand under my wife's dress. Her thighs were so wet it was dripping down her leg. My wife glanced at me as I started to gently caress her pussy; but her gaze quickly turned back to the dancer that she was enthralled with. She had made her way down from the rope and started dancing on the tables; rubbing her pierced breasts against patrons and grinding her ass in their faces and laps. We stared at her from a few tables away, and she smiled at us as if she noticed my wife biting her lip and that my hand was in her lap. Shortly she was dancing on our table.

We had paused our hanky panky and the dancer started caressing and grinding on my wife. She sat in her lap and pulled her hair back and began rubbing her breasts against hers and kissed her neck. I thought my wife was going to climax then and there. After getting us hot and bothered she left us with a wink. When her set had finished, my wife immediately asked me to take her home to fuck her. We watched a really hot threesome porno while having sex and combined we must have climaxed a half dozen times. Our only regret was that we didn't invite the dancer. Maybe you could make our fantasy come true next time...