Blindfolded vacation

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Rady

Anne and Eugene are a lovely couple I found during a summer vacation in Italy, France, or Spain.

“So, when you have been single for so long when and with whom do you have sex,” she asked out of nowhere, sitting next to Eugene on the couch. We went to their place after a nice bar where we met.

“From time to time with random guys from the apps,” said I. “And every now and then with some couples.”

While I was saying that Eugene was kissing her on the back of her neck.

“That’s nice. We also have little experience with someone else,” said Anne. “We have a fantasy we want to try. Eugene here wants to explore his sexuality more and try new things, and I want good things double. So, we thought he might find it easier to relax if blindfolded.” Eugene’s hand was already in her pants and digging somewhere deep.

“Sounds very exciting, and I would love to try that,” I said.

“Let’s,” said Anne and turned to Eugene. She stripped herself and then took Eugene clothes off, leaving him only with his underwear and a visible erection.

Then she approached me. She sat in my lap and started undressing me, leaving me in a similar situation as Eugene, who had his cock already out in his hand, jerking and watching us. She went back and forth between us. When she felt ae are horny enough, she went to the bedroom, bringing two blindfolds. She put one on Eugene and one on me. And it started.

I found this game very arousing. We could hear Anne’s voice and feel her touch. She made us stand up and go to her in the middle of the room. We stood on her sides, and she started jerking us and sucking our cocks. At some point, she told us to stand next to each other. Eugene put his arm around me again. This time we felt our naked bodies, and it was very sensual.

She was jerking and sucking us, and we were moaning. At some point I felt Eugene’s other hand on my chest, moving up and down but going lower more and more until he grabbed my cock. Then I did the same with one hand, while Anne took my other hand and put it between her legs. We started kissing. Me and her, he and her, me and him.

Then she put him on the couch and sat on top of him.

I went to the other side. Facing Eugene in cowgirl position, she started sucking me, going lower and lower until at a certain point I felt Eugene’s forehead on my balls. When she took out my cock from her mouth, she grabbed it and slapped his face with it. He liked it.

“Rady,” she said. “I want another one more cock in my pussy. Now!”

I went to the other side and had to find my way by touch. I felt her pulsating pussy, I grabbed Eugene’s cock and balls while he was still in her. Then grabbed my cock and slipped it in. It was very wet, but also tight—Eugene’s pulsating cock was there too. Like two little mice playing together.

Rubbing our cocks in her was the most erotic thing I had experienced so far.

The rest of the night was equally wild, and not always with a blindfold.