Bisexual Revelation

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Alexander

The sexual chemistry between my ex-girlfriend and I remains exhilarating even years after breaking up and whilst seeing other people. It never worked out as a relationship, we are very different people, but sexually it is amazing. We are each other's dirty little secret. I'm a New Zealander guy with a rugby build and I used to think I was sexually adventurous. She is a petite and empowered submissive who continues to take me on an unimaginable journey. She is bisexual and I recently came to the realisation that I am also bisexual. My confession/fantasy is that I want my ex and her girlfriend take me to Paris from London for the weekend to take me out. We arrive at Gard du Nord and a driver picks us up and takes us to one of the most romantic Airbnbs overlooking the beautiful city. We host a few friends for a dinner party and I hit it off with one of the guys. He's younger than me and smart and I am attracted instantly to his mind. As we continue to get into a deep discussion out of the terrace, I find myself deeply turned on and getting very flirty. Everyone starts leaving to go home and as my new found male infatuation is about to leave, my ex grabs him, kisses him and asks him to stay. He then says he'll only stay if I want him to. Now I've hooked up with men before, but never really taken it further. My bisexual revelation is very new and all of a sudden I'm feeling very shy. My ex pulls me in and my male friend and I kiss - a kiss like I have never experienced before. My ex's new girlfriend joins us as we move to the terrace, and in the nice summer evening, I have my first real bisexual experience as all four of us explore each other with so much passion.