After Dinner Delight

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Aristippus

My wife Kat has an old friend, Linda, over for a visit. Over dinner and a bottle of wine we catch up. After a while I excuse myself to clean up while they continue talking. After washing dishes I deliver a couple more drinks to the table. I stand with my arm around my wife while they continue, and she puts her hand on my hip. As the conversation continues my wife's hand descends and settles above my ass. Linda sizes me up and says, "My, isn't he attentive. Is he like this all the time?" Smiles and laughs all around. Slowly my wife's hand starts caressing my ass and moves down to my thigh. "Oh, yes" Kat says. "He knows all my spots and he's so good with his hands and tongue." Kat's hand is between my thighs now and nudges my balls. "You're so lucky, Kat. Would you lend him to a girl in need?" More laughs, then quiet. I stand there, fully charged from my wife's caresses. Linda's knees separate slightly. Kat looks thoughtful. "Everything but his cock. That belongs to me"

I slowly approach Linda's chair and kneel as her knees go farther apart After going to town on Linda with my tongue and hands, Kat fetches our strap-on for me to use and Linda rides my yellow rubber dick until she's satisfied. Kat then draws me to her and I work on her, then give her double penetration using my cock and the strap-on until we both explode.