A Special Dessert

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Frodo202

We are having dinner with my girlfriend's friend. Wine is spilling and food is great. We are having fun until my girlfriend tells me to relax while they both take care of the dishes and clean the table. So I sit there and keep having some wine, talking with both of them. My girlfriend looks at her friend with a smile and says to me that time is up for dessert. So she starts undressing slowly her friend until she is bare naked. Her naked friend then comes up to the table and lays on it naked, her pussy right where the main dish was in front of me. Her pussy is ready to be eaten and my girlfriend tells me to eat my dessert. I start eating gently the wet pussy in front of me. My girlfriend then goes to have her dessert as well as she goes under the table and sucks my dick. After we both cum, it was time for my girlfriend to lay on the table, and for both of us to take care of her.