(I am) My bosses' lunchbreak...

BY 123Moondog
Confess Your Erotic Fantasy

Every day, 13.00 H. sharp, I enter my boss's office, to bring him his lunch. Always the same, some sandwiches with cheese and salami, a salad, a small bottle of white wine, and two couverts. I always lunch with him. During lunch we exchange polite pleasantries, until he is finished eating. Then it is time for his dessert... eating me out! I am his dessert, and he is mine! I climb on the desk, spread my legs and let him lick, fondle and caress my pussy, until I orgasm. When I come round, it is my turn to return the favour! I open the fly of his expensive pin-stripe business suit, and free his already half-erect cock. But it will not stay only half- erect for long! As soon as I take care of it with my moist mouth and hands, it slowly grows in my mouth, until it is rock-hard. Then I continue... Sucking, blowing, jerking, gobbling, nut-busting and -swallowing, until he finally comes in my mouth. When I have swallowed all of my dessert without spilling one drop of it, my boss gently thanks me, and says: "That will be all for now, Fiona, please remove the plates and go back to work my dear"... Tomorrow, on Friday there will be an extra treat for both on our lunch break... and he will not say what...

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