I'm Your Slave for The Day

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Birthday Boy

I have a crush on a friend of mine; she's a petite lady, a little bossy at times, but all in all super nice. Long blond hair, big blue eyes, and a cute smile; a weakness of mine!
Somehow, I would just love if she were mine for a day. A gift for my birthday, a cheeky wink as she hands me a little note - a coupon.
"Your personal slave for a day"
Maybe she means to clean the house. Maybe she means it in a totally innocent way.
But when I ask, she smiles and shrugs.
"Whatever you want!"
My mind is still racing at what I would do. This beautiful girl, mine to command, obedient and willing to do 'whatever I want'!
When she first arrives, I'd have her do some housework. She seems surprised; disappointed even.
But I'm testing the waters. Seeing how serious she is.
When she's done and tired, I'd have her lie on the sofa. I'd take off her socks, and rub her feet. Now she's even more confused - but she's not complaining, though maybe blushing. 
I'd run my hands up her legs, lifting her jeans slightly. 
"I thought I was your slave!" she might say. 
"You are" I'd respond.
I'd tell her to strip for me. 
"That's more like it" she'd say.
Eagerly, she'd stand, in front of me, and slowly take of one piece of clothing at a time. Bit by bit, she reveals her naked body to me. Her clothes thrown to the floor. Her bra teased from her gorgeous breasts. Her panties to the ground as she steps out of them. 
I make her stand there as I admire every bit of her.
I make her twirl on the spot, slowly, as I let my hands explore her.
I'd make her kneel. As she giggles, I'd make her take me in her mouth.
When I'm satisfied, as she licks my cum from her lips, I would guide her onto the sofa, on her back, and spread her legs.
Gently, I'd fuck her. I'd fill her with every inch of me, slowly at first. I'd savour the sensation as I softly pull out, before swiftly fucking her again. 
But then my pace would quicken. Her legs around my waist. Her arms around my torso, pulling me close. Her moans in my ear.
I'd fuck her like I own her. Because, at least for the day, I do.