You've got to do better, boys...

A Sexual Fantasy

— By hoveringinlimbo

I am an assigned male femme nonbinary. It's not uncommon to see menlook at me in the street, checking out my legs, objectifying me, until they see my shoulders, maybe my bulge. And then the lusty look becomes rage.

I dream of confronting one of these men, taking at them until they admit their lust was real. I dream of taking all of this disrespect I get on the street and turning it at topping them while they are tied down, of spanking them till they are raw, making them beg for my cock, first in their mouth and then in their ass, but only after they admit what they are, and only after they admit that women's rights are human rights and that trans people deserve respect.

Only after they are singing the joys of queer activism do I fuck them until they come and only then do I allow myself to come. I untie him, I suck him off, and i kick him out of the hotel room, naked, with his clothes in hand, telling him to do better and be better.

And to tell his friends.

(ps, I know this is super dangerous but it's a hot fantasy to me)