A wise person once said dancing is the vertical expression of a horizontal desire legalized by music

"As a Queer person of Transgender experience, I never would have imagined that one of my first and most loyal clients of my video production company would be an elitist ballerina from the Upper West Side in New York City. When I started directing and producing her promotion videos, I was extremely anxious because I felt like an intruder in this delicate universe of spinning perfect bodies. But over the years of coming to the studio, I developed from being the tattooed weirdo with a camera into becoming a respected part of their world. I have access to this world of perfection, grace and discipline like nobody else does. The ballet studio became a place of comfort and desire for me. We go through the same routine every time: They dance and I am there to capture every single one of their movements with my camera. Their arabesques, the grande jetés, their pirouettes. I try to hold on to every single stretch of their muscular legs, every delicate move of their hands, the rapid and forceful movements of their feed when they prepare to jump. Maybe they know that I imagine my hands caressing my models immaculate bodies through their nylon leotards as I strip them off. And then with their feminine, seductive lips they suck my 2 inch dick while I watch them through the mirrored walls of the studio. I turn my Hip-Hop music up on my headphones and watch the lead dancer thrust her hips and pussy up and down, up and down and imagine how for only one single time, the look of discipline on her face would disappear as I make her cum on the studio’s parquet floor. I want to feel the sweat of her hard work on my skin as I get to know every inch of her body that I have been studying so passionately from behind the camera for years now. Now for me, ballet is the most erotic thing in the world. These New York Ballerinas have turned me into a true Balletomane! "

— By maximus
Erika's comment

What a great contribution from Max Skaff from New York City. Max turned one of his personal confessions into his first erotic movie and what a debut it is! The ballet theme is incredibly erotic and I love how he played with the contrast of purity and prudence we associate with ballet dancing and the kinky sex scene. It's super hot and incredibly well shot! You will love it.


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  • A
    they both look hot!!! thanks for being queer and trans-inclusive!
  • P
    Confession: I have a crush on Viktor ! His whispery dirty talk is such a turn-on ;)
  • G
    G R A C E
    Holy shit, that was hottest thing I’ve seen in awhileeeee. Viktor is......something else 😍
  • B
    Damn, they are so sexy! Thank you for being inclusive of all shapes, sizes, and LGBTQ.
  • M
    Wow!So hot and so much passion! They are so good together. And I totally love Viktor (especially his smile and his dirty Talk)
  • M
    This is one of my favourite movies and it really speaks to me. They are both really sexy and hot :-)
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    Wesley Petersen
    So happy to finally see porn with a trans individual that isn’t routed in destroying their identity!!!
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