A Sexual Fantasy

— By Adam's Tease

I had brought the kids to their grandparents and I was on my way to my husband’s office. I was a bit out of my comfort zone: he wanted me there for a surprise, but when I arrived, the building seemed to be empty. There was a note on his desk however that read ‘Come upstairs and enter the room in front of you.’

When I slowly opened the door he had indicated, I was immediately surprised by the warmth and the light I encountered. The entire room was filled with lit candles, and it was very hot inside. The room itself looked as if it was stripped to the bare walls and ready for renovation, but the candles on the cemented floor and the light they shone on the brick wall made this a very cosy place anyway. Besides the candles on the floor and some blankets, the room was empty. No sign of my husband.

I suddenly felt a hand on my back. I startled and wanted to turn around. ‘No no,’ I heard a soft voice speak. My husband? ‘I will blindfold you, don’t be scared,’ he said. There was no one else there, and his touch felt so familiar. He blindfolded me and whispered that I was beautiful, and then he did things that he had never done before and in places he had never touched me.

He made me come twice and I squirted so hard his clothes must have been very wet. It was the most intense orgasm I have ever experienced, and that turned me on so much I didn’t feel like quitting yet. Without removing my blindfold, I sat on top of him. I started moving back and forth slowly and soon I picked up the pace. I wanted to be in total control and I wanted to decide when I would let him come. He tried resisting, but I didn’t let go and I even started moving on top of him faster until I made him cum inside of me.

I kissed him and I wanted to remove my blindfold, but he didn’t allow me. Instead, he gently pushed his hips up and down, so he was no longer inside of me. He stood up from underneath me and I heard him fumble about a bit. After a few minutes, everything was silent again, so I removed my blindfold. The room was empty: no sign of him. I put my clothes back on, and then my husband entered, saying ‘Sorry honey, that meeting lasted forever and I had to run here from the main building.’ I suddenly looked forward to the next office party of my husband I had to attend.