Wife’s Massage

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Harasllib69

I fantasize about bringing my wife to get a massage. But this message is special I’ve arranged to have five men there. She has no idea what is about to happen. She showers and lays down on the massage table, I ask her to put on a blindfold. First one guy comes in and starts her massage, lots of oil and super hot . I can tell she is getting turned on by her body movements. Another guy joins in now there are 4 hands rubbing her body, she is a bit surprised but doesn’t resist. Now a third guy comes in at this point she is so turned on she doesn’t care. The guys are now touching her pussy and breasts another joins in, they take turns fucking her from behind with her sexy ass pushed up to receive each cock, loving every bit as they fuck her from both ends now still blindfolded. After they all cum all over her face and back and ass they leave her to me. I clean her up and take off her blindfold. Now was that the best massage you ever had I ask. She just smiles at me as if to say thank you. Then I make love to her on the table and it’s the hottest sex we’ve had in a long time. Love you baby!