When Mum's away

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Kingfish44

This story is about a man in his 20s, solid build not too skinny and his stepfather in his 40s who is more rugged, has a bit of a dad body but still in shape like an ex rugby player. They live together with his mum.

It starts with son and step dad enticing each other, walking around in briefs, talking to each other casually and checking each other out. The flirting gets more intense as dad gets undressed for a shower in front of step son, another time a hand brushes a bulge in the pants a little too long and turns into a squeeze while mum is oblivious...

Mum goes away and step dad and step son get even closer, son spies on dad spread eagle on bed sleeping in his briefs and starts to rub and play with his bulge to reveal his cock and starts sucking. Step dad wakes up and encourages it and their first ever intimate encounter occurs. They then spend the rest of the time mum's away shagging each others brains out, any chance they get; the kitchen when step dad's cooking in an apron and nothing else or on the couch watching football and step dad's dick is swinging in step sons face to full blown shower sex and then nearly getting caught by mum when she returns. They were living a sexed up relationship but now realize it can't be that way so then take any chance they get to fulfill their sexual desires without mum finding out... The minute she goes to the shops they can't keep their hands off each other and when she's in the house back to the subtle flirting of walking around in briefs and finding excuses to catch each other naked without being obvious.

Then son moves out cause he can't take the tension anymore but we find out later the step dad visits him at his new place.