Wash me closely

A Sexual Fantasy

— By 123Moondog

Hi, I'm Tony, a young motor driver. I had an terrible accident, and broke both my legs. After the operations and such, I was taken care of in an private room, my two legs suspended in the air, so I could hardly move. The first two days after the operation I was washed by an elderly nurse, who was not very gently with my private parts. But then, from the third day on, I was in hospital heaven! The new nurse was young, cute, naughty and willing to take "extra" care of me... When she carefully washed my genitals, I could feel my erection grow. I felt awkward, but she smiled naughtily, and said: Shall I give this fellow a kiss? I blushed, and didn't know what to say! A few moments later, she started playing with my dick. Soon, it was so hard, it almost exploded! Carefully, she took it in her mouth, playing with my scrotum with her hand. She kept on sucking until I came... Smiling, she cleaned everything up. Just in time! Moments later, the head nurse came looking for her, this patient used up too much of her time for this wash-up! Hopefully, she will be washing me again tomorrow...